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Normally, cloud infrastructure provisioned through the Scalr self-service catalog uses the Scalarizr agent. The agent allows Scalr to provide performance metrics and perform various automation tasks.  Scalr also provides the option to create Roles that don’t use the agent. This means management will be limited to actions that can be performed via cloud APIs on instances that do not use the Scalarizr agent.  Instances of "agentless" roles still have many of the benefits of Scalr, but lose some automation capabilities. The differences in capabilities between instances that do not use the Scalarizr agent ("Agentless") and those that do are outlined below:

Scalarizr agent capability overview:

Launch, Terminate, Suspend, ResumeYesYes
Security Group managementYesYes



No (Partially possible via external metrics or Date/Time rules)


Storage Volume additionNoYes
Software Firewall/ iptables managementNoYes

Click HERE for more information about manually installing the Scalarizr agent.  Click HERE for additional documentation on the Discovery Manager and how the Scalr agent impacts the discovery process.