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  1. Click in Images in the left menu.
  2. Click on the image you want to import.
  3. Click on the Equivalent REST link.
  4. Copy everything from the selfLink attribute, excluding projects/
  5. Paste into the Cloud Image ID field in Scalr.




To add Public Azure images for use in Scalr you will need to manually register the desired images in Scalr using the Cloud Image ID, or Image URN, from the marketplace.

The URN is not available from the UI and must be extracted via the Azure CLI.

Typically Image URN Format = PublisherName/Offer/SKUs/verison .  Examples:

  • MicrosoftWindowsServer/WindowsServer/2016-Technical-Preview-with-Containers/latest
  • MicrosoftWindowsServer/WindowsServer/2012-R2-Datacenter/latest

Example of image registration process from the Global Scope is shown below.  Be sure to provide the correct OS information as Scalr is unable to validate this property.

Image Added


As of Scalr 7.6.0, Custom images and snapshots are now supported for Azure.  Creating a custom image for Azure is simple and may be achieved by using our built in Server Snapshot server action:

Image Added

Complete configuration of your snapshot details and actions via the pop-up dialogue.  If desired, a new Role may be automatically created from the snapshot:

Image Added

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