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The following options control the configuration of MySQL, as well as how the Scalr application accesses MySQL.

Please note: If you are using your own MySQL server (not the embedded databases) and your MySQL version is 5.5.X, you must add the following to your MySQL Config:  skip-character-set-client-handshake = 1
Code Block
mysql[:bind_host] = ''     # Host MySQL should bind to.
mysql[:bind_port] = 6280            # Port MySQL should bind to.
mysql[:root_password] = ...         # Root password for MySQL. Auto-generated at install time and placed into the secrets file, though can provide it here instead.
                                    # This is only needed when installing MySQL itself. If you're using a DBaaS offering, you don't need to provide this.  

mysql[:scalr_password] = ...        # Scalr password for MySQL. This can be auto-generated or provided in the configuration file.
mysql[:server_id] = 2				# ID of the MySQL server. This is mainly used to provide a unique ID when using MySQL replication.
mysql[:allow_remote_root] = false	# Specifies if remote root login should be allowed. Needs to be set to "true" when using the kickstart-replication script.
mysql[:configuration] = ''			# A string for extra configuration to inject into my.cnf
mysql[:binlog] = true				# Turn on the binary log that is used for replication.