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Welcome to Scalr's Documentation!

Welcome to Scalr's documentation site. You will find all the information you need to start using Scalr here. From Farms to Roles, Scripts, Environments, and even Chef, we have articles for every Scalr feature and concept. Our documentation is divided in eight parts:

Five Minute Quick Start

New to Scalr? Just created your account? Everything you need to get set up and begin using Scalr can be found right here!

User Interface ReferenceAll the information you could fathom about the User Interface is here.
User ReferenceFor developers that need a handy reference of all things Scalr.
Administrator ReferenceLearn all about Environments, Teams, Users, and Settings within Scalr.
The PlaybookUnderstand how to solve common use cases with Scalr in a Q&A format.
TutorialsGet started with step-by-step beginner tutorials, and become an expert with advanced tutorials.
APILearn how to use Scalr's API.
InstallationJust got the code? Learn how to install and configure Scalr.
AboutUnderstand Scalr's vision and motivation.

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