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This script reuses the NEWRELIC_LICENSE_KEY Global Variable that we defined at the Account scope in step 1. It does several things:


Click on the newly created Farm Role on the left. In the Orchestration section, create a new Orchestration Rule by clicking on New Rule. Select BeforeHostUp as the triggering event. The Action will be Enter the following settings:

  • Trigger Event: BeforeHostUp
  • Target: Triggering server
  • Action: select the script we created at the beginning of this step: Install Java application with New Relic monitoring.

You will notice that the Orchestration Rule that we created at the Account scope to install the Infrastructure agent on all servers is visible here, but cannot be modified since we are at a lower scope.

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In the Target section, ensure that Triggering instance only is selected.

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Then in the Security section, add a security group to ensure that port 8080 will be opened on the instance. For simplicity’s sake, in the screenshot below, we selected a security group that opens all ports.