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As of Scalr 7.5.0, a Global Variable with a validation pattern following a format of ^(A|B|C|D|E)$ will result in a "Drop down" for selection by users.  This feature is intended to improve the end user experience by serving up the acceptable options for a validated Global Variable in an intuitive format.  Begin by creating a Validation Pattern for a Global Variable in the format of ^(A|B|C|D|E)$:

The variable is configured to be set at the Farm Scope.  Within the Farm Scope Global Variable tab, the Farm Designer UI presents a "Drop down" where a value may be selected:

The Drop Down will pop out in a menu that lists the acceptable values for selection, as defined by the Validation Pattern:

After selection from the Drop down, the Global Variable is set with an acceptable value:

Drop Downs for Validated Global Variables work hand in hand with Farm Templates and the Service Catalog as well. The following screenshot captures the experience a user would have with such a Drop Down when using the Service Catalog: