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When accessing the Service Catalog users will see various options, or "Catalog Items", depending on the Farm Templates you have published for them.  These "Catalog Items" might range from a simple single server Ubuntu Farm where the Farm consists of only one server, or could represent a large Farm with many roles and Orchestration rules pre-defined.  We will select Template Test as shown below.  Working through launching the template, we are presented with a trimmed down UI where the user only sees a few fields, including the fields they must fill out.

Note that there is red text on the Farm Name field and the Farm Role, indicating that we must supply a value to complete our configuration:

We will add a unique descriptor to our name field and will then attempt to Create & Launch:

We did not supply a missing value, so we are presented with an error and taken to the missing field so that we may enter a value:

After supplying an Instance Type value, we are able to Create & Launch once more:


Depending on your requirements, you may only want your users to have access to a select few options for the fields that are not configured in the template.  This can easily be achieved using Policy Groups, as the Service Catalog will respect your Governance Policies.

Please Notes: You may want to present required Global Variables to users for entry if they must be set at the Farm scope.  We are looking at including this in a future release.  Please reach out via your normal Support channel if you have feedback or other use cases that you would like to see covered.