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Your Scripts should start with a shebang line. Scalr will use the interpreter specified in the shebang line and execute your Script with it. 

Note:  As of Scalr 7.2.0 and Agent 5.1.9 we have added support for cross-platform scripting with the use of a double shebang. The script runs on: 

Linux - If the first line starts with #! /*    

Windows - If the first line starts with a #!windows, #!cmd or a #!powershell  

Cross-platform - If the first line is Linux shebang, and the second line is Windows shebang following this format: `#!windows command= extension=`

Cross Platform Example:

#!/usr/bin/env python
#!windows extension=py
#!windows command="C:\Python35\python.exe"

Linux shebang example:

  • !#/bin/bash

For Windows, Scalr supports the two following pseudo-Shebang lines: 

  • #!cmd - executes Script as Batch file (.bat)
  • #!powershell - executes Script in powershell

Parameterized shebangs are not supported.