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Security Group is a type of virtual firewall that is optionally applied to your instances. Using Security Groups, you can open or close network ports or port ranges for your instances.   For OpenStack, the Security Groups Manager is available under Main Menu > OpenStack > Security Groups:

This will open up the Security Groups tab, which provides a list of current available Security Groups in your OpenStack environment.

Manipulating Security Groups

To add a new Security Group, select the New Security Group button:

A dialog will be presented in the Edit Security Group pane on the right side of the display.  From here you will specify a Name for the Security Group as well as modify the Rules it contains.  Select Add Security Rule:

Specify the details of your Rule so that the appropriate network behavior will be observed.  When you are finished, select Add:

Additional Rules may be added to the Security Group as necessary.  Once you are finished, select Save:

Your new Security Group will now be Saved and listed in the list view.  It is ready to be configured for use in your Farm Roles.  Existing rules may be selected and edited, as well deleted if they are no longer needed: