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Are these instructions right for you?

If you just signed up for Hosted Scalr, or just got access to your organization's Scalr instance, you're in the right place.

If you just deployed your own Scalr installation, you should head to: First Steps as a Scalr Administrator.

Want the big picture?

If you feel like reading a high-level overview of what Scalr is before jumping in, read Scalr's mission statement.

Scalr is an open-source Cloud Management Platform (CMP). It leverages the APIs exposed by compatible Cloud Platforms (including AWS, GCE, OpenStack, CloudStack, and more) to provide users with a high-level and productive interface to their organization's cloud resources.

To start using Scalr, follow these next steps:

Here are some instructions to get you started. Select the ones that match the Cloud Platform you plan on using (you can of course add multiple Cloud Platforms). 


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