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Environments are loosely isolated resource pools. Each Environment is connected to one or multiple Cloud Platforms. One or multiple Teams can be granted access to each Environment.

Environments typically correspond to Business Units or functions.  Example: Production, Development, Mobile Dev, IT Lab US, IT Lab UK, Corp Finance, Corp HR Systems, Corp Marketing, Training Lab 101, etc.

Environments Menu

The Environment Logo is located on the right side of the Navigational Toolbar and the name of the currently enabled Environment resides to the right of this Logo. Click on the name of the currently enabled Environment to open the Environments Menu. This will take you to the Account Dashboard.  From here you can manage Environments.

You can enable several Cloud Providers per Environment or multiple Environments with one or more Cloud Providers with Multi Scope Cloud Credentials. The Environments Menu can be used to Add, Manage, and Switch Environments within Scalr.

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