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Retrieving Windows Password is affected by your Governance Policy

If your administrator configured a Governance Policy for SSH Key Pairs, Scalr will be unable to decrypt your Windows Administrator Password

Read this page for more information.

Administrator Password Availability Depends On Your Image

Unless your Windows Image includes the Ec2ConfigService configured with Ec2SetPassword enabled, AWS will not be able to provide an Administrator Password, and neither will Scalr.

We highly recommend using Sysprep and LDAP / Active Directory Authentication for your Windows hosts. This is set up independently of Scalr.

This documentation only covers retrieving the administrator password for Scalr-managed Windows Servers.

Retrieving your Windows Administrator Password

Scalr does not directly manage the Windows Administrator password for you. Instead the password is managed by your cloud platform. Scalr only stores the SSH Keys that your Cloud Platform encrypts the Windows password with, and decrypts it for you.

To retrieve the Windows Administrator Password for an host, navigate to the Servers List. There, hit Actions for the Windows host you'd like to access, and select Get Administrator Password.

For Azure instances, the password is found in Extended Instance Information -> Scalr Internal Properties -> Azure.Admin.Password.

Connecting to your Windows Host

Be sure to have port 3389 opened on your instance for RDP.

On Google Cloud:

Using an RDP client, login using the following credentials:

  • Username: scalr
  • password: the password you just retrieved.

Note that this password will be reset each time you click on "Get administrator password" since Scalr can set a new password but it can't retrieve the current password.

On other cloud platforms:

Using an RDP client, login to your server using the following credentials:

  • Username: Administrator
  • Password: the password you just retrieved

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