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Server Hostname Format

This setting is affected by your Hostname Format Governance Policy, and will not be usable if a Policy has been defined.

Hostnames on Windows cannot be changed without a reboot. If setting the hostname early is important to you, you can request a reboot to set the hostname in the Advanced Tab - Orchestration.  For AWS, make sure that you don't have "Set Computer Name" enabled in Ec2Config settings as this may prevent the correct hostname from being set.

Here you may specify a custom hostname for your Servers. Enter the hostname here, and Scalr will assign that hostname to your servers.

To customize your hostname format, you may use Global Variable Interpolation.

Scalarizr Ports

Scalr requires access to two ports in order to communicate with the "Scalarizr" Agent residing on your instances. Traffic over those ports is HTTP (over TCP, naturally).

By default, Scalr uses ports 8010 and 8013, but if you have an existing application using those ports, you can change these and use alternate ports instead.

You must ensure that those ports are reachable from your Scalr Host. See Required Network Configuration for Scalr for more information.

Firewall Management

Scalarizr Compatibility

This feature is only available in Scalarizr >= 2.11.27.

By default, Scalarizr will automatically configure iptables so that traffic to its API control ports is allowed in. In some situations, you might want to disable this behavior (e.g. because you're managing iptables yourself, and don't want Scalarizr to update them, or because you'd like finer-grained iptables rules than the ones that are configured by Scalr). 

The "Disable automated management of iptables" option allows you to disable Scalarizr's management of your firewall on Linux (on Windows, Scalarizr only sets firewall rules at installation time). If you use this option, you'll have to manually configure your firewall to allow Scalarizr traffic (view: Required Network Configuration for Scalr).

The default for this setting is controlled by the Scalr Configuration Parameter scalr.system.default_disable_firewall_management.