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About the Administrator Reference

Administrator Reference is a collection of documentation where Scalr administrators can find detailed information about Scalr features geared towards managing users, environments, reporting, and enforcing policies.

End-users should review the User Reference.

Reference Sections

Learn more about using Scalr as an administrator with the following content:

First Steps as a Scalr Administrator

Did you just deploy your new Scalr install? Follow these instructions to get started:


Accounts are fully isolated resource pools.  Each account has an Owner.  A Scalr instance may contain as many Accounts as you wish. Accounts contain one or multiple Environments.


Environments are loosely isolated resource pools. Each Environment is connected to one or multiple Cloud Platforms. One or multiple Teams can be granted access to each Environment.


Teams allow you to group similar users, and grant them access to your Environments.


Scalr exposes three distinct types of users. Learn more about them here.

Policy Enforcement

Scalr lets you define policies that will apply across all the Users, Environments, or cloud resources in your account.


Beyond passwords, you can configure Scalr for additional security.

Cost Analytics

Cost Analytics allows you to track, categorize, and report on your cloud costs across the multiple clouds that are used by your organization.

Operating Systems

Garbage Collector

Multi Scope Cloud Credentials

Orphaned Servers

Discovery Manager

IP Pools

Farm Templates

Service Catalog

Cloud Service Gateway

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