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First, access the Account Dashboard by clicking on your Environment drop down on the top right, and then the green label for the current account in order to "Manage Account".

Credentials may be added from the Cloud Credentials menu or directly from the Environments tab.  In this example we will add credentials from the Environments tab.

Next, select Environments from the top bar. Then select the environment to which you want to add GCE credentials, and click on Link Cloud.

Next you will be prompted to select your Cloud Credentials, or add new ones. Continue reading this tutorial to see how obtain credentials. 

After selecting Add Credentials, you will be prompted to configure your Cloud Credentials and properties.  We will use the Upload JSON Key option for this walkthrough:

Open a new browser window and navigate to the Google Cloud Console. From the Dashboard of your project, write down the Project ID for the project you'd like to use with Scalr , and then navigate to the API Manager.

After accessing the API Manager, on the left-hand toolbar select Library, and then navigate to the Google API list.

Ensure that Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Storage JSON API,  and Google Compute Engine are enabled.

Note: If you haven't done so already, you will need to enable Google Cloud Billing API as well.  This is not enabled by default and may need to be searched for in this APIs and Auth page.

Under the left-hand toolbar, navigate to Credentials

Click on Add credentials.

Select Service Account in the provided popup window.

Choose JSON and hit create.

The JSON credential file will be saved on your computer. You need to upload this file (together with the Cloud Credential object and Project ID) to Scalr as shown in the previous steps.