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The Scalr team will soon be rolling out new updates and features to the Scalr CMP with Scalr version 7.5.0! A key update is the addition of Multi-Cloud support and greatly enhanced Farm Role configuration capabilities via APIv2.  This includes Chef, Security Group, and other Farm Role configuration capabilities.

The intent of this change is to provide greater configuration options when creating Farm Templates or Farms via APIv2, as well as provide a more consistent experience when configuring Farms via APIv2 using various cloud service providers. This update also lays down the groundwork for future updates to API and Farm Template capabilities.  However, this change can potentially break compatibility for existing workflows:

User action may be required

IMPORTANTThis change will require minor updates to any API calls using Farm Role objects.  The specifics of this change and the modifications required to maintain compatibility are documented in our Release Notes, and are also provided below.
This update is planned for Hosted Scalr starting Tuesday, March 7th.

In order to avoid any disruption to your normal Scalr activities, please review the following BC changes:

BC сhanges in APIv2

FarmRole object has been substantially updated:

Renamed (with changes in structure in some cases)
(object) PlacementConfiguration
(object) AwsVpcPlacementConfiguration
(object) AwsClassicPlacementConfiguration
(object) NetworkConfiguration
(object) ChefServerBootstrapConfiguration
(object) ChefSoloBoostrapConfiguration
(object) SecurityConfiguration
(object) CloudFeatures

We are excited about the upcoming release and welcome your feedback and comments.  Please reach out to Scalr Support via your support channel if you have any questions or feedback related to this.

-The Scalr Team

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